Moldova Azi, 29 iunie 2010

Moldova Azi, 29 iunie 2010

The MegaConcert company has initiated proceedings against the Chisinau's Zimbru Stadium administration to repair the damage for the failure of Toto Cutugno's concert, scheduled on June 26th at the stadium. MegaConcert assessed the moral and material damages at 1 million euros.

Company Director Marian Olaru stated at a news conference in Infotag today that the Zimbru administration had announced its breaking up of the contract one day before the Italian star's concert was due.

"In such situation, I had to sign the statement ob cancellation of the contract to get the money back and try to find another alternative," said Olaru.

The Zimbru administration received from MegaConcert 20 thousands euros for the stadium rental, but returned only 10 thousands. According to Olaru, his company has suffered an aggregate damage of some 250 thousands euros.

He assured that the ticket money will be returned to spectators within 2-3 weeks. For this, it is necessary to dial phone number 593709 and indicate your phone number, as well as the ticket number.

The MegaConcert Director affirmed that Toto Cutugno's concert will take place even free of charge, to thus apologize to the Moldovan public for the inconvenience.

Infotag's dossier: A total of about 1.3 thousand tickets were sold for the concert. Toto Cutugno arrived in Chisinau last Friday, and even gave a press conference, saying he did not want to sing for his admirers under rain. He promised to come to Chisinau with a concert in the nearest future.